Get your project off to a great start

Our local landscaping and excavation company offers:

  • Trenching services for drainage projects and utility line installations
  • Land grading services for new construction, landscaping and above-ground pool installations
  • Excavation services for pond and septic tank installations

Speak with our excavation contractor today to get a free estimate on any of our services.

When to schedule excavation services

Need to hire a professional excavation contractor? You can depend on Nelson Excavation Services, LLC to handle your project in Northern Kentucky or any surrounding area.

Hire us for residential excavation services if you're planning to install a:

Septic tank
Small pond
Utility trench
Drainage ditch
Narrow foundation

Our owner will give you a detailed estimate and discuss the project with you in detail before we begin. He'll also provide a warranty and come back to fix anything that doesn't meet your standards. Reach out to us today for competitively priced excavation services.